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Mother of one of the doctors kidnapped in Kenya breaks the silence – 2024-04-20 16:21:01

For the first time since the Cuban doctors were kidnapped in Kenya five years ago, the mother of one of them used her social networks to speak out about it.

This is the mother of Landy Rodríguez Hernández, who published a post related to the fifth anniversary of the kidnapping of her son and his partner Assel Herrera Correa. Likewise, the publication spoke about her alleged death, same that could not be confirmed by the Cuban authorities.

“Today marks 5 years since the kidnapping of my son Landy and his partner Assel Herrera Correa, a very sad story for them and for both families,” reads the post, shared by YouTuber Ernesto Morales.

The woman claimed to have recognized that what is happening is beyond her power, so she decided to put everything in God’s hands, a show of faith that has generated a bit of controversy.

The influencer points out that the woman’s words made it clear that she had already lost hope that the government would do anything to locate her son or her partner.

The YouTuber considers that this dependence on faith is a reflection of a lack of pressure towards those who could influence the outcome of this case.

Morales points out that the attitude adopted by the doctors’ relatives generates a feeling of helplessness, since from the beginning there was a lack of will to explore all possible actions to resolve the situation.

In the eyes of the YouTuber, the attitude can be interpreted as an early acceptance of the idea that there is no solution to this problem.

Likewise, Morales fears that this resignation is reinforcing a dangerous cultural norm that minimizes the importance of holding the island’s government accountable in critical situations.

The criticism made by the influencer calls for ending this cycle and beginning to demand more action from the Cuban government. The petition also appears to urge people to lose their fear of confronting the power structures that are failing the citizens they are supposed to protect.

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