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Vimmerby goes up to HockeyAllsvenskan – wins 8-1 in the last round

Hampus Sylvegård’s Vimmerby goes up to HockeyAllsvenskan.

Photo: Hockeyettan/Screendump & Christoffer Borg Mattisson/Bildbyrån

Kristianstad had everything in their own hands, while Vimmerby needed to win big in the last round of the qualifying series for the HockeyAllsvenskan.
Then Kristianstad lost – at the same time as Vimmerby won with a whopping 8-1 against Halmstad.
Vimmerby HC, led by Hampus Sylvegård, thus advances to the HockeyAllsvenskan for the first time ever.

Before the last round of the qualifying series, Kristianstad, Vimmerby and Hudiksvall all had the chance to go up to the HockeyAllsvenskan. Kristianstad and Vimmerby both stood on 17 points and Hudiksvall with 16 points.

All three teams also played at home against the three suspended teams when Kristianstad faced Brödernas/Väsby while Vimmerby faced Halmstad and Hudiksvall played against Piteå.

Both Kristianstad and Vimmerby then had it all in their own hands before today’s matches, while Hudiksvall was dependent on other results to go up. Kristianstad had a three-goal better goal difference before the last round and Vimmerby then needed to win big to have a chance to pass.

In the first period, Hudiksvall took the lead early against Piteå and then went up to a temporary lead in the qualifying series. At the same time, Kristianstad were shocked when Fredrik Forsberg gave Brödernas/Väsby the lead. There and then it was Hudik who had the Allsvenskan place.

Kristianstad squandered the chance

But at the end of the first period, Vimmerby came to life. Elias Lindgren made it 1-0 in the power play and just a minute later Anton Carlsson made it 2-0. Then Vimmerby went past and into the qualifying series lead.

In the second period, Kristianstad equalized at 1-1 but it wasn’t enough as they needed to win to take the lead. At the same time, both Vimmerby and Hudiksvall stood out. Hudiksvall went up to 3-0 while Vimmerby just kept going and scored three straight goals for a total of 5-0 after two periods of play. They had then acquired a large lead in terms of goal difference as well and Kristianstad was then whipped to win by greater numbers against Väsby to advance.

It was then a crazy third period in Skåne. Väsby took the lead again but Kristianstad made it 3-2 with two goals in 43 seconds. Only 19 seconds after the 3-2 goal, however, Väsby equalized and killed KIK’s momentum again. With nine minutes left in the match, Brödernas/Väsby once again took the lead in the match with 4-3 and Kristianstad’s dream of promotion seemed to be shattered.

Vimmerby goes up – for the first time

At the same time, Vimmerby went up to 7-0 in their match and they stormed against HockeyAllsvenskan. Admittedly, Halmstad reduced, but Vimmerby responded by making it 8-1 with just over eight minutes left.

Kristianstad then lost 5-3 at home against Brödernas/Väsby and swamped their chance to go back up to HockeyAllsvenskan after being in the lead for almost the entire qualifying series.

However, Vimmerby wins their match 8-1, which means that they end up in first place in the qualifying series with 20 points, one point ahead of Hudiksvall, who comes second on 19 points, while Kristianstad is only third on 17 points.

Vimmerby HC then goes up to HockeyAllsvenskan for the first time in the club’s history. Led by 27-year-old coach Hampus Sylvegård, Vimmerby has made it all the way to a historic promotion.

The club went up to Division 1/Hockeyettan in 2011 and has since played in the third division, but this is the first year that Vimmerby plays in the qualifying series and they go up to HockeyAllsvenskan directly on the first try.

The results of the last round

Vimmerby – Halmstad 8–1 (2-0.3-0.3-1)

Vimmerby: Hugo Ollila 2, Elias Lindgren, Anton Carlsson, Adam Petersson, Eddie Levin, Isac Andersson, Isac Göransson.
Halmstad: William Gustafsson.

Kristianstad – Brödernas/Väsby 3–5 (0-1,1-0,2-4)

Kristianstad: Joel Svensson, Axel Hurtig, Kevin Wennström.
Brödernas/Väsby: Fredrik Forsberg 2, Ludwig Laband, Carl Wassenius, Joni Nikko.

Hudiksvall – Piteå 3–2 (1-0.2-0.0-2)

Hudiksvall: William Eckmyhl, Filip Lander, Marcus Limpar Lantz.
Piteå: Theo Keilin, Petter Mäkitalo.

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