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U.S.- After what Jennifer Aniston Y Brad Pitt have coincided in multiple meetings this 2019, have emerged speculation about the ex-partner has a great connectionn that sometimes rubs on the “flirtation”.

According to a source who spoke for Us Weekly, “Brad and Jen have a wonderful connection which can sometimes look flirtatious. ”

They like each other’s sense of humor and have an infectious energy when they are together, “the informant told the media.

However, the source assured that the actors remain solely “platonic”.

As you have to remember, the protagonist of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood attended the Christmas party that the star of Friends orHe organized at his Bel Air residence.

Also, the actor was the unexpected guest that did not go unnoticed at the party by the birthday number 50 of Jennifer Aniston, which took place in February.

It took some time for Jennifer to heal and for Brad to stop feeling bad about how he left her in 2005. This is something they have taken their time with, and they are aware of the hysteria surrounding their relationship between their fans. “added the informant.

The source assured that the lines of communication between the ex-partner are open and that “your link is solid, they have come a long way. ”

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