More than 50 patients under treatment in Thiès

Covid-19 / Second wave: More than 50 patients under treatment in Thiès

The cases of Covid 19 take the “toll highway” in Thiès. The finding is general, there is an increase in the number of people who have contracted the SarsCov2 virus. Moreover, the regional epidemic management committee looked into the situation to alert and ask the populations to redouble their efforts.

“We can say that there is a new upsurge in Covid-19 cases in the department of Thiès. We had experienced the lull a few weeks ago. But for some time now we have started to register a significant number of cases. To date, in the district of Thiès, there are 718 cases declared positive since the start of the pandemic with 600 recovered, 45 deaths and currently 47 patients who are followed at home and 4 others who are in treatment centers at the level of Thiès and Dakar ”, informs Dr Moustapha Faye, chief medical officer of the health district of Thiès.
According to the prefect, the weeks and months to come may be more difficult if we are not careful. The prefect of the department of Thiès believes that the response must still be stepped up. This requires a much more individual than collective responsibility. “We are going through a quarter characterized by a lot of festive activities. People tend to go out, to gather in public spaces and at restaurants, this prepares the bed for the virus which comes back to us more virulent and this should call for more vigilance. We have seen that there is an increase, a worrying increase in cases. Faced with this situation, we must develop community communication by going to the grassroots, talking to young people, talking to women, talking to all social categories for more respect for the measures decreed by the authority ”, urges Moussa Diagne.

Local authorities called upon to resume the dynamics of the first wave

The response cannot have results without the involvement of local communities. They are therefore asked to readjust the previous strategies, to help the health structures more by providing them, as they were during the first wave, with materials to strengthen the existing system.

“We invite local authorities and other actors, individuals for better support of the defense and security forces to improve their mobility in the field. We also invite young people to preserve; older people who are most affected from the age of 60 who are exposed. We will never tire of saying it, ”insists the prefect of Thiès Moussa Diagne.

Author: Ndeye Astou Konaté (correspondent) Thiès –



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