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More than 100 car crashes in US, five deaths

by world today news

Is a picture during an accident A car crashed on a road in Texas, United States, where several previous cars had been crashes. Then another car skid continued to crash. And become more severe with large container trucks Running at speed, violently hit the previous car collision.

The event took place at 6:15 AM yesterday (11 February) local time. There were people at the scene. Can take a picture After that, there were still other cars that were driven into a long distance of colliding cars and trucks, causing extensive damage.

After this big accident, it was found that More than 100 cars crashed and destroyed the Santaro piled up on the road. Five people were killed and 36 injured, many of whom were also in serious condition.

While rescuers have to work hard To clear an area By separating the cars and salvaging the car, including setting up a center to coordinate and track down the relatives of the accident victims

As for the cause of this accident Come from the weather Due to the rain With cool air Causing ice to settle on the road When the car ran past, it lost its balance, skidding and colliding.

Facebook photo thanks: Randle Kip Smith

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