Get to know 5M for Covid-19 prevention and how it differs from 3M

KONTAN.CO.ID – Indonesian epidemiologist at Griffith University Australia Dicky Budiman said Indonesia should no longer echo 3M as a measure to anticipate the spread of Covid-19.

Reflecting on the explosions after the long holiday, Dicky suggested that Indonesia should now increase its prevention strategy from 3M to 5M, namely moving away from crowds and reducing mobility.

“Mobility, high population interaction, and crowding are proven in the latest epidemiological studies to trigger explosions in cases of worsening pandemic in a country or region,” said Dicky when quoted from (4/1/2021).

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The 5M Covid-19 Movement

The meaning of the 5M health protocol movement is to complement 3M’s action. that is:

  1. Wearing a mask,
  2. Wash your hands with soap and running water,
  3. Keeping distance,
  4. Stay away from crowds, as well
  5. Limiting mobilization and interaction.

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What is 3M?

3M’s disciplinary behavior is included in the # Ingatpesanibu campaign to suppress the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 3M application for the prevention of Covid-19 can be done by:

  1. Put on a mask
  2. Washing hands
  3. Keep your distance and avoid crowds

Then what is 3T?

In addition to 3M’s disciplinary behavior, 3T is an effort to further suppress the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the government also has the 3T movement, namely:

1. Testing,
2. Tracing, and
3. Treatment.

This 3T action should be carried out by the relevant authorities to carry out testing, tracking, then taking treatment or treatment for people exposed to the virus.

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