More than 1.8 million corpses killed by COVID over the year Today, I still do not know where it came from.

  • Humans also kill the viciousness of COVID-19. Pandemic across the year Killed more than 1.8 million bodies, but to this day still do not know exactly where the root cause of death came from.
  • Accelerate the mystery of the origin of COVID-19 Is it from the corona virus in bats mixed with pangolins?
  • WHO prepares to send an international team of scientists to Wuhan Check for the source of the deadly virus Prevent future plague

Until today it is not clear. The origin of COVID comes from within or outside China.

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2020 will be one of the most serious years for the world. Faced with a pandemic of a mysterious emerging disease ‘The new coronavirus 2019, or COVID-19 (COVID-19), has killed 1.79 million people like leaves from the cumulative total of 82 million cases worldwide to 30 December. Jan. 2020

But while the disease causing COVID-19 Which is officially named ‘SARS-CoV-2’ this extremely dangerous Outbreak for many years. Still no sign of relief Yet in other countries, there are two waves of outbreaks that have soared worrisome higher than the first wave, suggesting a mystery surrounding COVID-19. Many things do not know the answer, especially the origin of this deadly virus. Where did you come from ??

CNN pointed out that while governments are in a race to find a vaccine against COVID-19. In order to control the spread of the disease But one of the most fundamental questions about where COVID-19 originated has not been answered.

It was initially thought that the origin of COVID-19 It appears to be related to the Hua Nan market. The wildlife trade in Wuhan, China‘s Hubei Province, the epicenter of the first COVID-19 outbreak, remains confused. And there are many conspiracy theories trying to argue.

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Huanan market, where COVID-19 cases were found It is the first in Wuhan.

The Lancet medical journal in January 2020 reported that one in three people with COVID-19 were not directly associated with the infection from that wet market in Wuhan, while some questions were raised, including: US President Donald Trump’s question is COVID-19 Came out of the lab After it was studied or was it actually created in a lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

Several studies have found evidence that COVID-19 It could have spread in the US and continental Europe in December 2019, a few months longer than originally thought. Chinese authorities have repeatedly reported on the matter that the COVID-19 It may have originated outside of China.

However, even though Professor Peter Collignon, a professor of microbiology at the Australian National University, said it appears very likely that the COVID-19 infection was found. Has spread in the US and some areas of Europe. Before the first infection was detected in those countries But until today There is no definite conclusion that COVID-19 Originated outside of China in any way

Are 'bats and pangolins' the source of the new 2019 coronavirus?
Are ‘bats and pangolins’ the source of the new 2019 coronavirus?

Is COVID-19 the coronavirus in bats mixed with pangolins?

A team of Chinese researchers at Kasetsart University, South China. And the Laboratory for Modern Agriculture, Lingnan, Guangdong, published the results of the study. Before it was published in the journal Nature in May ’20, it was found that the possibility of COVID-19 was found. May originate from the hybridization of the corona virus in the Malaysian armadillo. And coronavirus in crown bats found in China

The new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, that causes COVID-19. It has the same genetic sequence as the 2003 SARS corona virus originating in animals and 96% of the RaTG13 coronavirus in crown bats.

Meanwhile, one strains of coronavirus, isolated from pangolins in Malaysia, contain amino acids similar to the new coronavirus strains of 100,98.6, 97.8 and 90.7 percent of genes E, M, N and S, respectively, by location. Receiver-adhesion (receptor-binding domain) within the corona virus S protein in the pangolin. It looks like the new corona virus. They differ only in one non-essential amino acid.

Chinese researchers are of the view that by isolating the coronavirus in pangolins strongly associated with the new coronavirus, pangolins may have the potential to be The ‘intermediary host’ (another animal mediated by pre-human pathogens) of the new coronavirus.

However, there are questions. Because there are still arguments No Malaysian species of pangolins were found in the Wuhan wildlife market, for this reason it has to be proven that other animals are mediators for the new coronavirus. Before coming to another person or not

WHO prepares to send a team of scientists to Wuhan Check the source of the outbreak.

After COVID-19 Over the years since 2019 and the end of 2020, the Chinese government has finally approved the World Health Organization (WHO) to send a team of 10 international scientists to investigate the source of the COVID-19 outbreak. In Wuhan in January ’64 to prevent future epidemics.

According to the health organization plan Will send a team of scientists to the area From Wuhan It is the first city to see the COVID-19 outbreak before expanding its monitoring across China and beyond.

Mission to find the origin of the new coronavirus Causing COVID-19 It is an important means of preventing the spread of the virus in the future. Yet many scientists point out that the WHO team of scientists is having a tough job.

Because until now Most researchers think COVID-19 virus Originated in bats But still do not know how this deadly virus ‘leaps’ onto people Because other coronaviruses In the past it has spread to people. Through intermediate animals

Angela Rasmussen, virologist at Columbia University In new york city There is an opinion that Finding intermediate animals infected with COVID-19 And spread to people It seemed like a difficult task to find a needle that had fallen into an enormous haystack. They may not be able to find Bats that cause infection Or any other animal !!

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Origin: CNN , The Guardian, Xinhua


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