the winning set for fit legs

Toned, tapered, without imperfections. Eleonora Iachini, aesthetic doctor: “The well-being of the legs is important, they are our basis, they support us all day, every day. It is necessary to treat them well”

Often held too firm, especially in the various lockdowns, hidden in oversized suits and pajamas, when we release them, legs they reappear in most cases, not in perfect condition, with the “leg” effect, painful, swollen. It doesn’t take much to get them back on track: we follow the tips of our expert to always have them at their best.

Be timely, constant, aimed at the appearance of the first fat deposits in the subcutaneous tissues, poor circulation venous and lymphatic, water retention, accumulation of toxins, cellulite.

At the table eye to calories; more fiber, minerals and vitamins. Largo a fruits and vegetables that beyond to strengthen the blood vessel wall help to maintain the smooth and supple skin. Reduce and carbohydrates refined, favoring white meats and fish. And limit the consumption of salt.

Water at will, at least two liters a day: it helps reabsorb liquids that have accumulated in the bearings of grassor. And stop too much coffee, spirits and cigarettes.

At home, choose targeted products to apply morning and evening. It takes 10 minutes of self-massage, always starting from the bottom, feet included. Generally the most effective have active principles natural such as caffeine, aescin, ginko biloba, centella asiatica.

Wear supportive pantyhose if doing work “standing”, if you have problems with capillaries or varices. Also ideal for those who travel often by plane because they help protect the legs from pressure variations.

Who can give himself gods massage cycles, two to three times a year, relying only on hands experienced and qualified. If the problem is more advanced, there are specific treatments such as carboxytherapy and mesotherapy. The first is a treatment that exploits the flow created by thecarbon dioxide: heated to one specific temperature and injected into the lymphatic outlets, it helps in the overall drainage of the leg and effectively counteracts cellulite. When instead there are accumulations of localized adiposity, you can act with mesotherapy, a cocktail of substances injected locally through micro-needles that dissolve the bearings and allow their elimination through the urinary tract.

Watch out for shoes that are too low or too high: they can promote the formation of cellulite because they alter the vascular circulation of the foot. The correct heel is medium, 4 or 5 cm.

Play sports, in particular aerobic and resistance activitieswho help to revitalize the microcirculation peripheral and eliminate toxins: running lightly, briskly walking for 45 minutes at least 3 times per week, bicycle. And never neglect to take the stairs.

L‘home fitness never without squats, lunges, exercises for the inner and outer thighs, necessary in the training routine. And often move around the house.

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