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More economical irrigation for Paderborn Matter in commission

The Paderborn Digitization Committee is discussing now (24.8.) A digital irrigation method for trees. The job was proposed by the parliamentary team Für Paderborn.

The municipal administration really should verify whether or not these types of a notion is also doable in the metropolis of Paderborn. The metropolis of Essen really should be a product. Collectively with the University of Trier, he produced a new program for economical irrigation handle.

Working with satellite imagery, the town can see which trees are environmentally friendly and which are also dry and have to have additional h2o. In addition, sensors in the soil measure humidity at the roots.

The process allows to help you save expenditures through the focused use of drinking water and personnel. From next yr, citizens really should also be equipped to see which trees need drinking water on an World wide web map.

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