Montpellier, free entry to the Pavillon Populaire: Head to New York for a journey through time

The Popular Pavilion is dedicating its new exhibition to photographers from “The New York School”. With THE NEW YORK SCHOOL SHOW: This is the first time in Europe that a project dedicated to this movement considered as a real visual revolution has been presented.

Time travel

New York, city of art, freedom and American photography. Between the 1930s and the late 1960s, a group of photographers affiliated with what became known as theNew York School, shapes a multidisciplinary artistic movement that corresponds to the revival of American artistic life after the Second World War. Montpellier offers you this journey through time.

From Bruce Davidson, Louis Faurer, Robert Frank, Saul Leiter, Don Donaghy, David Vestal and a few others, a panel of talents: photographers who invent movement and immersion in life and in the street, thanks to a freedom of shooting. A search for the moment that allows you to read the intimate, between poetry, appeasement and melancholy.

These directors completely changed the documentary approach to social facts. To seek in the real, the deep meaning of the destiny of humanity.

Unmissable meeting: “THE NEW YORK SCHOOL SHOW. NEW YORK SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS, 1935-1965 ”, a unique exhibition in Europe, free admission. To be discovered at the Pavillon Populaire until January 10, 2021.

Saul Leiter – The Man Searching For Beauty :

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