Monika Van Lierde, aka doctor Ann, leaves ‘Home’ after 25 y …

Today was the last episode with doctor Ann De Decker in the VRT series ‘Home’. After 25 years, actress Monika Van Lierde is looking for a new challenge.

Turns 25 years Home broadcast on One, and Monika Van Lierde has been crawling into Dr. Ann’s house for just as long – not counting one interruption of three years. It is an understatement that the doctor went through a lot. A suicide attempt, some broken relationships, affairs, and a move to Tuscany, her friend Sandrine dies, administering an insulin overdose, and then there’s the whole saga with Xander: her stepson she has to kill in self-defense.

That is the final straw for the character. She says goodbye in a letter and this time she moves to Cape Verde. ‘For good’, although that is never entirely certain Home. Actress Monika Van Lierde wants to ‘make room for new things in her life’, she tells VRT. She co-starred in 2,913 episodes as the daughter of Marianne Bastiaens (Leah Thys) and Walter De Decker (Rik Andries). Doctor Ann was the first gay character in Home. ‘I am in love’, she said in 2005. ‘With a woman’, Mother Marianne added.

Doctor Ann in the beginning of ‘Home’.

Photo: VRT

“Sometimes I still feel homesick, but it’s time for something else,” says Van Lierde. In a farewell vlog with Linde Merckpoel, Van Lierde looks back. From the first words – ‘That won’t be long’ – to the ‘unreal feeling’ of being part of the cast. A year ago, Van Lierde took the decision to quit the series. The fact that the news is now finally known makes the burden on her shoulders disappear, she tells Merckpoel.

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‘I don’t really have any big plans,’ admits Van Lierde. In the vlog she took the time to thank all viewers and fans: ‘It’s a cliché, but it existed without you Home not.’ Remains of the original cast in season one: Pol Goossen (Frank Bomans), Marleen Merckx (Simonne Backx), Leah Thys (Marianne Bastiaens) and Annick Segal (Rosa Verbeeck).

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