Monika Richardson brags about her 18-year-old daughter and fans comment: “True beauty” (PHOTOS)

Monica Richardson for years, he has eagerly exploited his celebrity status and gladly appears at various industry events. The 50-year-old, who has been associated with TVP for years, recently said that she has definitively ended her adventure with journalism, so she can speak freely on any topic and express her opinions.

Richardson now describes herself as a “small business owner, celebrity and influencer,” which compels her to visit salons and be active on social media.

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Thursday night Richardson went to the premiere of the film “Christmas different”. She showed up at the event with a daughter from his second marriage, Zofia Malcolm. The proud mother posted a photo with 18-year-old Zofia on Instagram, revealing her Christmas plans for her.

With his daughter Zofia at the premiere of “Christmas different” (…). And our holidays are also different, because the children are going to dad’s and Konradek and I are guests, so no preparations. I know this is going to sound weird, but I won’t mind if I don’t pitch on Christmas Eve. You have to see this movie to understand what I’m saying. Good Friday! Richardson wrote.

Internet users raved about the female duo and enthusiastically complimented Zofia and Monika in the comments.

What a beautiful daughter you have grown up. Oh! And how similar to mom; But beautiful girls! Daughter all mother; The daughter grew up to be a real beauty; Great genes; The beautiful Zosia, usually a real beauty; Zosia is beautiful, like most of Zofia, and she also has a beautiful mom; I remember Zosia when she was a few years old. She is amazing how she has grown and how beautiful she is Richardson’s fans melted away.

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Ugly kids tend to grow up to be nice people.

Compared to her son, she’s cute

We will probably see her soon in a jewelry commercial and on DDTVN

wow, that’s really cool 😀

How do they annoy me, do your folks boast? You can brag about it with shoes, etc. You are proud of your son.

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Well, the daughter is cute, but she looks like a prude for a well-Botoxed 45-year-old

This beauty is a bit over the top, but she’s a beautiful girl

Very pretty girl😘

All famous kids are beautiful, talented, wonderful!

Luckily, she inherited her good looks from her father.

And fools in their childhood scrape messages on the net like foolish adults.

Monika was and still is beautiful. Her daughter looks like her, but she’s just pretty, ordinary enough.

The piglet has a huge tendency towards obesity

Beautiful until the lips swell…..

She looks like a beautiful thirty year old.

Cute as a kid, average now.

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