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Monika Bagárová spoke openly about the breakup!

The break-up of singer Monika Bagárová with an MMA wrestler has been talked about in the corridors for some time. Now she revealed what it really is.

Are they together or not? The question, which the singer’s fans are already asking for some time, finally has an answer.

“We didn’t break up,” the singer said firmly. Nevertheless, according to server Super didn’t deny that something was going on between her and her partner. Yet there is no need to share your privacy with everyone.

“You probably understand that there are things that belong to the family circle and it is not appropriate to share them with the public,” she added, adding that she is saddened by her child’s father.

Her partner is constantly on the move, but their relationship continues and they have even moved to a new home together.

However, he does not deny that their Instagrams no longer show life together and time together as before. But he also has an explanation for that. “I decided to reduce it a bit. We are still a family,” she added.

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