Money for developments and teaching: Berlin supports university digitization with eight million euros – Berlin

With a package worth millions, the state of Berlin wants to support projects to increase the digitization of universities. By 2024, seven cross-university joint projects are to be supported with a total of 8.2 million euros, as the Senate Department for Science, Health, Care and Equal Opportunities announced on Monday. Funding is therefore provided as part of the “Digitization and Innovation” focus of the Quality and Innovation Campaign (2nd funding phase).

For example, a digital, contactless student ID card for smartphones is to be introduced, which is intended to replace the card in the long term. As part of the package, both technical and infrastructural developments as well as innovative teaching formats and their quality assurance are to be funded.

“Digitization in studies and teaching is particularly valuable if it facilitates access to higher education and supports the permeability of the higher education system,” said Secretary of State for Science Armaghan Naghipour. Both the students and the teachers would benefit from the measures of the funded joint projects. In this way, an “innovative leap in studies and teaching” could be realized together. (dpa)

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