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Monaco’s Prince and Princess refute speculations of a divorce

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are not divorcing, the Royal House of Monaco has responded to the information spread by the French magazine “Royauté” that the royal couple’s relationship is about to end. The two have been together for 12 years, but they have not been easy, and in the last couple of years the Princess of Monaco has hardly appeared in public.

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The Prince and Princess of Monaco have issued a statement with the help of a royal press representative that they are not going to divorce their marriage and called the information mentioned in the French publication “malicious rumours”.

Prince Albert, the son of Hollywood actress Grace Kelly and Renee III, met Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock in 2000. In 2010, the prince proposed to his chosen one and a year later the royal wedding took place. True, at that time no one could predict what scandals were to come in this union.

65-year-old Prince Albert had a very rich private life, various love affairs continued even after his marriage to Charlene. So far, three women have claimed that Prince Albert is the father of their children, and in two cases DNA tests have confirmed this.

The couple also has their own children – twins Princess Gabriela and Crown Prince Jacques.

Since the pandemic, the children have lived with their father in the Monaco palace, but Princess Charlene had disappeared from everyone’s eyes for a long time. Throughout 2021, she was treated in her homeland in South Africa, then she also struggled with “exhaustion of strength” in Switzerland.

The princess has never commented on her health problems, but it is known that she is undergoing long-term treatment for “emotional and physical exhaustion”, has also undergone several surgeries for an unnamed illness, and has lost a lot of weight. After the operations, she has not been able to eat.

In November 2021, Prince Albert commented to People magazine that his wife’s declining health was caused by “several factors of a private nature” that prevented her from participating in public events and unable to exist in family life.

The princess’s absence led to rumors that the royal couple might be divorced or have serious relationship problems. The Princess of Monaco is even called the “sad princess” by the people, because on the rare occasions when she goes out in public, Charlene has never been seen smiling and happy.

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