Mohamed Ramadan reveals the reason for his disagreement with Ahmed El Sakka

Mohamed Ramadan, the young artist, responded during the second part of his meeting with the journalist Elie Nakhla, to the truth about the news that came about the reason for his apology for the participation of the artist Ahmed El-Sakka in the series “The Generation of the Strangers”, and this came because of the order of names in the Tatars.

Mohamed Ramadan reveals the reason for his disagreement with Ahmed El Sakka

Ramadan asserted, “It is possible for the project to not be greatly underestimated, and I do not feel that I will do a new need for it.” He will deal with him and they will reach a solution.

He also confirmed that if he met Sakka in a series, he would say to him, “Oh Ahmed, the seniority says you are the one who chooses the name that will appear first.” As for the reason for not presenting the series “The Emperor”, in which he would embody the character of the artist Ahmed Zaki.

He is the one who explained that Ramadan found many obstacles with the heirs, so he retreated at the present time from its implementation, and it was indicated that the series took a big bang, so he preferred to work on another series that will be called “Moussa”, and a lot of works are presented that many viewers love to follow. Continuously, the stars wrestle and compete for the love of the crowd and always obtain their satisfaction.

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