Spotify: ‘Apple bundle subscription is a threat to freedom’

Spotify responds with a brief statement the news that Apple has announced its long-awaited service Apple One. In it, Apple Music, TV +, Arcade and iCloud are offered bundled for a lower price: customers save 6 to 8 euros per month compared to paying separately for the services.

Despite those savings for the customer, Spotify believes that Apple “is again abusing its dominance position to disadvantage competitors and rob consumers by favoring its own services.” Spotify is calling on competition authorities to act quickly before ‘irreparable damage is caused’.

Apple: ‘Good for customers’

Spotify already served in March 2019 a complaint against Apple at the European Commission. According to Spotify, the pain point was mainly the 30 percent commission that Apple charges for subscriptions that are taken out within iOS apps. Also the recent fight between Fortnite maker Epic and Apple comes to that point.

Apple has with one short statement responded to Spotify’s complaint, stating that customers are free to use alternatives to Apple’s services. “We’re introducing Apple One because it provides great value for customers and provides an easy way to access Apple’s full range of subscription services.”

Spotify undisputed market leader

According to Apple, its new service is “perfect for anyone who loves Apple’s services and wants to get more for less, especially families.” Apple emphasizes that users can cancel Apple One at any time.

Spotify is the most popular music service in the world with 299 million users. The Swedish company has 138 million paying subscribers. Apple has around 70 million paying users, which means it follows Spotify at a great distance. Competitors like Deezer and Napster barely gain a foothold.

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