Misunderstanding About the Coldest Planet in the Solar System

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The sun shines on the planets in the solar system including Earth located 100 million miles from the Sun. These rays are said to give life to creatures on Earth.

When viewed from the location of the planets in the Solar System, maybe Neptune will be the coldest planet because its location is the farthest from the sun’s rays. Neptune is known to be about three billion miles away from the Sun.

However, research suggests that the coldest planet is not Neptune, but Uranus, which is one billion miles or three times closer to the Sun than Neptune.

Reported The Conversation, the temperature on Neptune is also still very cold usually around -214 degrees Celsius, but Uranus beats that. Uranus holds the record for the coldest temperature ever measured in the solar system at -224 degrees Celsius.

The reason Uranus is called the coldest planet

The reason why Uranus is so cold has nothing to do with its distance from the Sun. Billions of years ago, an enormous force hit Uranus, turning the planet upside down.

Even so, Uranus still revolves around the Sun to this day. And the impact of the collision made some of the heat trapped inside Uranus escape.

The heat within the remaining planets only comes from when they were formed. Planets form when smaller chunks of rock collide with each other, building up entire planets piece by piece over millions of years.

Every time these rocks crumble together, the planet gets a little more heat. It’s conceivable that when we clap for a long time, the meal will start to feel hot – the same thing happens to planets.

The difference is, Neptune is not hit by a large asteroid like Uranus, so it is able to withstand more heat. As explained by Brad Gibson, Director of EA’s Milne Center for Astrophysics and Head of the Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Hull.

Another interesting fact is that the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury, can also get very cold. The side of Mercury that faces the Sun is hotter reaching 400 degrees Celsius, while the side away from the Sun has a temperature of almost -200 degrees Celsius.

The difference is, Mercury in this case does not have an atmosphere, unlike Earth which allows Mercury’s plains to have very different temperatures. Space.


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