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Miranda’s San Silvestre: A Festive Run for a Vital Cause

That is why, once again, the great reception of the test is not surprising. Dressed mostly in the orange t-shirt promoted by ‘Pulgares Arriba’—a Miranda group that promotes the donation of bone marrow and umbilical cord in Miranda and the region—hundreds of people have once again attended the end-of-year sports call. An event that, as usual, started after the children’s race of the same name.

A Saint Sylvester of everyone and for everyone

With the sound of the gun, at 6:30 p.m., the San Silvestre children’s race began, a race with a shortened route in which many boys and girls have demonstrated their involvement with the sport, even during their vacations. They also wore their orange t-shirts in search of the greatest success of Miranda’s career: dyeing the streets orange to make an issue of vital importance visible.

“We always run with the orange shirt because we think it is very important to collaborate with the cause and make visible the importance of donating bone marrow,” declared Sara, somewhat fatigued, as she crossed the finish line.

Once their race was over, crowds of runners gathered on the central street of La Estación waiting for the second shot. All this, in a festive atmosphere in which the Miranda Music Band also wanted to contribute its grain of sand.

A large number of members of the group have taken their instruments out into the streets to put the musical note to the Mirandesa test. A couple of ‘Christmas Pieces’ would be enough to liven up the wait and lift the spirits of those who, with a bit of cold, were waiting at the departure point, which was, in fact, located at La Estación, at the confluence with Francisco Cantera.

As in the last edition, the race organization has located the start in the opposite direction to what used to be usual, in such a way that instead of going up Station Street, the runners have gone down it towards the roundabout. of the ‘M’. After 7:00 p.m., Miranda turned orange in a new edition that also included doses of comedy: costumed runners, headbands with Christmas motifs and some stragglers on skates.

Hundreds of Miranda residents, both adults and children, joined this traditional athletic celebration that, despite not being competitive, did register a winning name: Carlos Jiménez crossed the finish line again in first position, stopping the stopwatch at 12 minutes and 17 seconds.

She lowered last year’s mark by nine seconds, confessing – of course – that she had been “one of the most suffering San Silvestres.” In any case, he achieved a very good mark that will have left many speechless considering that more than a quarter of an hour later runners were still arriving at the finish line.

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