Minya Health Director: Finishing preparations for the second wave of Corona

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Dr. Muhammad Nadi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Minya, announced the end of special preparations to confront the second wave of the emerging corona virus, by continuing to provide basic services and raise the efficiency of the infrastructure, and operating 27 sub-operations rooms linked to the central operating room to follow up and speed up the response to cases.

During the governorate’s Executive Council meeting headed by the Governor, Major General Osama Al-Qadi, “Nadi” emphasized the provision and increase of the strategic stockpile of medicines for treatment protocols, preventive supplies, training of human cadres and the work of a laboratory system at the level of the Republic, increasing the operational capacity by a total of 61 laboratories, providing CT scanners and raising the efficiency Isolation and triage hospitals (released and fever), in addition to providing vaccinations approved by the Ministry.

  • The situation in Egypt

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  • Mortality


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