Ministry of Home Affairs Opens Voice About Lukas Enembe’s Threat Reports Jokowi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs) open voice regarding the polemic regarding the appointment of the Provincial Secretary (Sekda) Papua Dance Yulian Flassy as a Daily Performer (Plh) Governor of Papua.

Head of the Information Center (Kapuspen) of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Benni Irwan, said that his party appointed Dance as the Acting Governor of Papua because he wanted government and public services to continue running smoothly. The reason is that Papua Governor Lukas Enembe is currently undergoing treatment in Singapore.

“The central government and the provincial government have the same passion to ensure that the administration of government and development as well as public services in Papua Province runs as well as possible,” said Benni in a written statement, Monday (28/6).

Benni explained that the appointment of the Acting Governor was an effort to accelerate the distribution of the 2021 Physical Special Allocation Fund (DAK), which was allocated in seven development areas, such as education, health, agriculture, environment, road construction, to irrigation.

Because, in the distribution process, there are several documents that the Papua Provincial Government has not been able to complete, namely documents that must be signed by the regional head.

“So, the regional government, in this case, is pushing for the acceleration of the fulfillment of the documents for the distribution requirements. Now, this is what we are pushing, with the same spirit between the central government and regional governments,” he said.

He stressed that the central government and the Papua Provincial Government have the enthusiasm to continue development, especially in the use of physical DAK which is very large and can be used for the welfare of the community. He wants the physical DAK distribution to be immediately utilized for the needs of the community in all regions in Papua Province.

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For this reason, Benni hopes that his direct working visit to Papua can resolve misunderstandings and end the polemic that occurred.

“We hope that after this explanation, we can carry out our duties as well as possible. In the future, there will be no more problems due to lack of understanding,” he said.

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe was previously angry with Dance’s appointment as Acting Governor. Lukas even asked President Joko Widodo to fire Dance. According to Luke, Dance had abused his position to overthrow him as governor.

Lukas conveyed the request to Jokowi in a letter. The request to dismiss it was the result of Dance’s appointment as the daily Executive (Plh) of the Governor.

He also emphasized that until now he is still the legitimate governor of Papua. He admitted that he was disappointed with the decision of the Ministry of Home Affairs and suspected that there were elements involved in this matter.

“As the Governor of Papua, I am disappointed and suspect that there is an unconstitutional conspiracy by certain elements to demote / overthrow me in the middle of the road as the constitutionally legitimate Governor of Papua,” said Lukas.


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