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Intel CEO: biggest obstacle due to chip shortage is yet to come

After that, the situation should gradually improve, but the boss of the world’s largest chip company does not expect the market to have a healthy balance of supply and demand before 2023.

The chip shortage mainly affects the car industry, but also, for example, game computer maker Nintendo and other companies active in the electronics world are affected. Large chip companies such as Taiwanese TSMC, a major supplier to Apple, have already announced it will increase production to help automakers.

Addressing the problems is also high on the agenda of governments. countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and the US will invest billions in the chip industry in the coming years.

Car factories shut down

Due to the lack of chips, several car brands have had to shut down factories several times. At the start of the corona crisis, car manufacturers scaled back their production and their orders.

At the same time, demand for computers and mobile phones for working from home and things like gaming consoles for entertainment increased during the lockdowns, putting car companies at the back of the row with new chip orders. Tesla boss Elon Musk called global chip shortage ‘the biggest challenge‘ from the company.

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