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Ministry of Health Prepares for Second Phase of Comprehensive Health Insurance System in Egypt

Walid Abdel Salam wrote

Monday, April 22, 2024 08:00 am

The Ministry of Health and the People revealed their preparation for the second phase of the comprehensive health insurance system to operate, which is responsible for the renovation of health units for the Decent Life project.

The Ministry of Health and Population explained that the first phase projects included new construction, efficiency enhancement and comprehensive development of 1,115 health units and family medicine centers in the country in the targeted governments, as well as 367 points ambulance and 23 hospitals, according to the standards of the comprehensive health insurance system, with average positive implementation rates for those.

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, said that the second level of the comprehensive health insurance system is 5 governorates: Damietta, Matrouh, Kafr El-Sheikh, North Sinai, and Minya , with its total population of 12 million people..

He continued: We have made a detailed plan for the second phase of the comprehensive health insurance system in each targeted government, including the number of targeted population in the government, the number of beds, units, centers medical facilities and hospitals that are needed, and the projects that are needed, including new construction, development, or meeting accreditation and Digital transformation standards in the applied facilities.

He pointed out that the implementation of projects within the comprehensive health insurance system is based on a vision that aims to give citizens access to family medicine units, centers and hospitals, setting standards for the number that the unit health serving, medical center, and hospital, and implementing the infrastructure and information preparation of hospitals in each government according to agreed standards..

He pointed out that the first phase of the comprehensive health insurance system achieved several achievements, represented by an increase in the percentage of health care in the governments where the program is implemented up to 80%, and the presence millions of beneficiaries. in the governments covered by the system, and the beneficiaries of the Health Care Authority, under the umbrella of Comprehensive health insurance, and the comprehensive health insurance system provides access to services that the Authority provide reservation through the phone number, and the Authority provides. what is called “Family Medicine” and “Health Practitioner,” which takes the patient to the specialist and then to the third or second level, such as performing tasks..

He emphasized the need to apply clinical management to the comprehensive health insurance system and the health resources of the authority, which aims to build a strong and comprehensive health system, starting from the board of directors of the health center, throughout the route to a diagnostic provider. , other therapeutic and clinical services, and everyone who has a relationship with the patient The management system will be applied in all health units, medical centers, public and university hospitals, to ensure the safety of patients and to preserve their rights to obtain adequate health. care.

The second phase includes the axis of health and community awareness for the citizens of these governments through holding seminars and preliminary meetings about the project with the executive authorities, civil society and citizens, and the axis of coverage media, to introduce the project in various media. outlets, as well as the axis for registering human resources in health facilities, and creating databases of employees, as well as implementing special training program packages, applying operating systems, training medical and non-medical maintenance teams, and being qualified to deal with modern information systems and electronic applications, as well as implementing the necessary training program packages to deliver -accredit facility work according to registration and accreditation standards..

Comprehensive social health insurance is a compulsory social solidarity health system in Egypt. It works according to the Law of the system, and the state carries its responsibilities for those who cannot do that According to a decision issued by the Prime Minister specifying the exemption controls, the family is the main unit of insurance coverage within this system also separating funding from service provision, and the Authority may not provide medical services or participate in providing them..

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