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Ministry of Health Names 9 Suspected Cases of Monkeypox Found in Indonesia

JAKARTA, celebrities.idMinister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin reported nine suspected cases monkey pox found in Indonesia. However, the public is advised not to panic about this.

“Regarding the monkeypox case in Indonesia, there are already suspicions of around nine cases spread across Indonesia,” said Minister of Health Budi when met by MNC Portal in the South Jakarta area, Tuesday (26/7/2022).

However, after further investigation, said Minister of Health, Budi, the nine cases did not exist monkey pox positive.

“But, when we tested further, all the results were negative for monkeypox,” he said.

It was not further explained what disease the 9 suspected cases actually experienced. The Minister of Health also explained that there is a tendency for this disease to spread more in men who have sex with men. The information comes from data from several countries which show that monkeypox cases are mostly found among gay men.

Because of this, the Ministry of Health has now started to educate and approach LGBTQ institutions in Indonesia. This is done so that the relevant institutions carry out stricter supervision.

“We have approached the institution or organization that manages this group to be able to carry out active surveillance,” said Minister of Health Budi.

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