Minister continues to lie: EMCC | Deep Sea Fishing | EMCC | J Mercykutty Amma

Kochi: EMCC President Shiju M. Varghese has lashed out at Minister J.Mercykuttyamma after the controversial EMCC-Inland Navigation Corporation MoU was canceled. The minister is constantly lying. How can you not be open anymore? Every day is a lie. Shiju openly denies even a written statement.

The company tried to invest by trusting the authorities. The Minister does not know the Fisheries Policy. If not, why not? Did you move things without knowing how much investment there was? If there is no policy, why did the Principal Secretary write to the Ministry of External Affairs? EMCC is not a monopoly that collects all the fish in the deep sea.

It took two years to bring this project to Kerala. Shiju Varghese said the project could have been implemented in other states if it had struggled for a month. Following the controversy, the MoU was canceled on the instructions of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The matters that led to the MoU will be investigated in detail. The allegations made by the Leader of the Opposition Ramesh Chennithala will also be examined. The MoU was for the construction of 400 trawlers and related works.

English Summary: EMCC president Shiju Varghese against J Mercykutty Amma


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