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Mina El Hammani: From Madrid to World Fame

Mina El Hammani (Madrid, 1993) comes from Morocco. She began her career as an actress in 2014. Her first appearances were in series such as Centro Médico, La que se cerca or El Príncipe, but in 2017 she got her first leading role in the daily series Serve and Protect during the first season.

World fame comes with Elite after playing Nadia Shana for three seasons. In 2019 she appears in an episode of Hernán and in 2020 she signs for El internado: Las Cumbres, a ‘remake’ of the series El internado for Prime Video. In 2022 she was part of the cast of Stories to Sleep and the following year she was in Black Sunday.

The ten of Mina El Hammani

A place: Madrid.

One flaw: punctuality.

One meal: Moroccan cous cous.

A film: Desert Flower (2009).

A hobby: watching movies.

One phrase: enjoy your life.

A drink: water.

A memory: anyone with my father.

A dream: to be here and now.

One person: anyone from Steve Carell.

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