Milly opens up about divorce from Joost after Married at First Sight marriage

Milly is currently participating Married at First Sight: Second Chance. However, the fact that she is taking the second chance with Cupido does not mean that her first participation went very smoothly. “I turned 30 and I thought: let me do something crazy again in my life. MAFS looked at what I needed, rather than what I wanted. (…) My marriage to Joost taught me that I can actually relinquish control. ”

Although love spurted off the statue, the two turned out to be none match made in heaven to be. “The ultimate goal was of course that I would be with someone for the rest of my life, that didn’t work out. At one point Joost and I had to admit to each other that we were no longer happy, but we did everything we could to make it work. ”

Milly still has faith in love, but didn’t immediately say ‘yes’ when the makers asked her to join Second Chance. “The reactions online were not always as tender about me during the MAFS broadcasts. (…) Viewers thought I was a bitch and way too critical. And they thought it was all very sad for Joost. ”

Nevertheless, she ultimately seized the opportunity with both hands. “I have absolutely no regrets. But now it’s done. I will no longer look for love on television. ”

Milly and Joost previously told RTL Boulevard about their adventure. You can see that below.

The second quest for love for Milly was to follow in Married at First Sight: Second Chance. Missed this? Then watch it again at Videoland.

The entire interview with Milly can be read in the August issue of the &C, it is now for sale.

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