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Millie Bobby Brown candid about ‘unhealthy situation’ with ex-boyfriend | Stars

entertainment">“I felt very vulnerable,” Brown said of the split with Ecimovic. After much effort, the actress decided to get out of the relationship in January 2021. “Nobody on set knew I was going through this. It was actually really nice that I could go through that on my own and that no one knew. It got harder when the whole world knew.”

entertainment">Last summer, Ecimovic went live on Instagram and decided to speak negatively about his ex-girlfriend. For example, a follower said that Brown was only a child during their relationship, to which the TikTok star said, among other things: “yes, but she knew how to suck.” Brown was already in a new relationship with her current boyfriend Jake Bongiovi. “You lose control and feel powerless when you are ridiculed in such a way,” the actress recalls. “I felt very strong when I left him and knew how much I was worth and that he couldn’t change that.”

entertainment">Brown is happy that “that chapter” is finally over. “It felt like an eternity,” she says. “I want to help girls and young people and let them know: I also experience things. I am not such a perfect person who sells skin care and in Stranger Things plays. I also made bad choices.”

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