Mie Prefecture 829 infected, 1 dead New Corona | YOU Yokkaichi

[Ufficio della Prefettura di Mie = Città di Hiroaki, Città di Tsu]

Mie prefecture announced on November 4 that 829 people in the prefecture (including 156 announced by the city of Yokkaichi) have been infected with the new coronavirus and an 80-year-old woman has died. A total of 271,712 people were infected in the prefecture and 552 people died.

According to the announcement, the breakdown of infected people by municipality is 156 in the city of Yokkaichi, 92 in the city of Tsu, 86 in the city of Suzuka, 75 in the city of Iga, 73 in the city of Kuwana, 66 in the city of Ise, 57 in the city of Matsusaka and 54 in the city of Nabari, 35 in Komono, 24 in Kameyama, 19 in Inabe, 16 in Meiwa, 15 in Kawagoe, 9 in Toin, 6 in Tamagusuku and Kihoku, and 5 in Shima and Kumano, 4 in Asahi and Mihama, 3 each in Taki and Kiho, 2 each in Odai and Taiki, 1 each in Toba and Owase, Kisosaki and Minamiise and 2 unknown were.

The number of patients admitted to the prefecture increased by 17 from the previous day to 95, the number of seriously ill patients remained unchanged at 0 and the bed occupancy rate was 25.5%.

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