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Meteorological Bomb already on Friday, Consequences on all of Italy also on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 »ILMETEO.it

WEEKEND Weather: Meteorological Bomb already from Friday, Consequences on all of Italy also on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12

Weather forecast for Friday and weekendPer Meteorological Bomb we mean a rapid event that changes the climate of a very vast region in a striking, rapid and relatively lasting way.
This is what will happen for most of Italy as early as Friday 10 and over the next weekend. The latest update of the European Center confirms for the next weekend the descent of a polar depression at 5500m with values ​​of -28 ° C and the subsequent consequent formation of a very insidious cyclonic vortex on central Italy, filled with temporal and as well snowfall up to very low altitudes almost touching the coasts as in the case of the low Romagna and of Walk.

But let’s go in order to better understand what to expect from the point of view of temperature e rainfall per Friday and the consequences for all of the weekend.
Starting from the eve of the weekend, the weather will return to take on characteristics of strong instability in particular between the afternoon and the evening when some snowfall may fall to heights very low between Lombardy ed Emilia Romagna until it touches flat areas. Bad weather then intensifying on the regions of CenterSouth but above all on the Tyrrhenian sector with name in the Apennines on 5/600 meters in the Center and at higher altitudes in the South.

The subsequent formation of the heralded cyclonic vortex on the regions of Center, will be the prelude to a Saturday 11 really cold e turbulent especially for the central-southern regions except for the morning when we will also have the last heavy precipitation in the south of Romagna where the name it will almost reach the coast. Here, however, the weather will improve as the hours go by.
On the other hand, the atmosphere in the central Adriatic regions and in the South where in addition to rains e temporal, a large space will also take it there name which may fall to shares close to 4/500 meters to the Center and further up in the South. Attention also to the severe thunderstorms possible by evening on Campania, Calabria e Sicily.
The conditions weather forecast on the other hand, they will remain more stable in the North, but here the news will be mainly the temperature: the thermal values ​​are in fact expected to further collapse, with minimum peaks up to -5 / 6 ° C on the plains of the Northwest. In cities like Sondrio and Bolzano, the mercury column will risk sinking even down to -10 ° C.

Sunday 12 the high pressure should be able to gain more space on our country and, except for the latest rains, on Abruzzo, Molise, Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata e Sicily, we should have more sun over all regions, even if the temperature they will keep very low, especially at night and in the early morning with values well below zero in many cities of the Center-North.

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