Mercedes F1 Introduces Upgrades at Monaco GP After Imola Cancellation

Mercedes F1 will introduce upgrades originally planned to be introduced at the canceled Imola over the weekend of the F1 Monaco GP. F1 announced on Wednesday that the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was canceled due to flooding in the region. Various teams, including Mercedes F1, were expected to introduce a series of upgrades for the event.

After a difficult start to the 2023 season, Mercedes sees the upgrade as the first step in its return to the top. “What we bring to the Imola track is the first step in that effort,” said Mercedes F1 trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin ahead of the race cancellation. “Development in the wind tunnel takes a lot of time, it’s not something that happens overnight,” he said. “The Imola package is a step in that direction. We hope to bring other updates later this year.” “We want to be faster and have a better pace in qualifying and in the race, but the point is that we are not just aiming to break lap times, we are trying to go in a different direction of development. “We think this will give us a better chance of winning races and challenging for the world championship in the long run.” It was speculated that it would be carried over to the Spanish Grand Prix in a week’s time. However, a Mercedes F1 spokesperson confirmed to Motorsport Week that new parts will be fitted to the car in Monaco. The decision is made despite the slow speed of the circuit, which may present difficulties in understanding potential upgrades. There is also a high chance of crashing on tight circuits, so if the driver hits the wall, there is also the potential for a shortage of new parts related to the upgrade package. It is unclear if other teams will bring the upgrade to Monaco, but Ferrari is said to be delaying the introduction of the new suspension and will introduce it at Barcelona.

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2023-05-19 05:20:46

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