Residents in Miami will receive economic assistance of $1500 for property expenses

As a result of a partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida, the Plan HOMES program could help 15,000 eligible families.

The help would come in the form of financial relief for homeowners who are behind on their monthly mortgage payments. This was confirmed by Daniella Levine Cava, the county mayor.

We are talking about receiving a one-time payment of $1,500.00 USD to be used to pay past due bills for those who are eligible. This money may also be used to pay homeowners association dues, homeowners insurance, and other property-related expenses.

Who are eligible?

In order to receive the one-time payment of $1500.00 USD, the HOMES plan specifies some requirements that cannot be waived. Among them are the following aspects.

Have income less than 140% of the area median income. In this case it would be from $95,620.00 USD for a household of one person, up to $180 180.00 USD for a household of eight people.

Another requirement is that the main residence of those people is in Miami-Dade County.

For its part, it is valid to clarify that older adults, people with disabilities and families with children will have priority in the selection process. Households with mortgage bills overdue from three to twelve months will also have priority.

In the case of Miami residents who want to request the help of $1500.00 USD for the mortgage, they have the following option.

First, said Miami residents must submit an online application that they will complete through the website

Here, it is important that people carry out everything that this form tells them step by step. However, if you have any questions when filling out the document, you can get assistance quickly. This would be through one of the county’s community resource centers.

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