Melting tires in Latvia with Portuguese colors on the hood

Diogo Correia between this Friday in action in a race that brings together the best “drifters” from all over the world and, after fifth place in Italy, points to a place in the top 8.

The front plunges into the asphalt, left foot deep in the clutch, reduction from fourth to third, the tires scream and smoke invades the cabin. Complicated? Now imagine all of this at high speed and in seconds. A hodgepodge of processes that Diogo Correia, a mechanic by profession and twice national drift champion, performs almost with his eyes closed.

Today, in Riga, Latvia, the young man born in Vila Verde, Braga, will change his overalls for the wheel of the BMW e92, painted with the colors of the Portuguese flag, in qualifying for a championship unknown to most of the Portuguese people. : the Masters Grand Prix, which brings together the best “drifters” from around the world. “It is the first time that I participate in this championship. This year, due to the conjuncture caused by the pandemic of the covid-19, there will only be one test. The winner will be the so-called” King of the Drift “worldwide”, he explained, in conversation with JN .

In his luggage, he took no less than 40 tires. That is close to 15 thousand euros. Essential conditions for participation in a test of this “template” and that make it impossible for a regular presence in these trips. “It is not easy to find sponsorships, since many people still do not know this sport. Last year, at the IA Motorsport Games 2019, in Italy, I won the fifth place among the best in the world“.

With his car on his side, in a kind of automobile ballet, Diogo dreams, one day, to live off the “drift”. For now, the goal is just to “stay in the top 8” on Latvian asphalt “.

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