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Meghan’s ex-employee reveals: There was no getting away – 2024-04-21 02:29:38

Samantha Cohen, who worked under Meghan, was heard as part of the court’s bullying inquiry two years ago.

The bullying accusations against Meghan surfaced again. AOP

Duchess Meghan’s former employees accused him of harassment three years ago. Now one of them, Samantha Cohenhas gone public and tells the Australian newspaper Herald Sun that Hovi questioned him as part of the bullying investigation carried out in 2021 and 2022.

Cohen worked at Buckingham Palace for almost twenty years. In 2018 and 2019, he acted as prince Harry’s and as Meghan’s private secretary. Before this, Cohen worked for the Queen Elizabeth’s as a contributor, the New York Post reports. Cohen left the court in 2019.

Samantha Cohen worked for the British court for almost 20 years. Photo from 2013. AOP

Cohen says he was one of 10 employees questioned during the court’s harassment investigation. Cohen does not give details about the investigation in the interview.

However, Cohen says that it was difficult for the court to find a new employee to replace him, as the Duke couple’s subordinates changed at a rapid pace.

– I was supposed to stay for six more months, but it was 18 months. We couldn’t find a replacement for me. When we found him, we took him on Harry and Meghan’s tour of Africa to guide him. However, he stopped in the middle of the trip, says Cohen in an interview with the Herald Sun.

Harry, Meghan and four-month-old Archie traveled to Africa in September 2019. In South Africa, they met Archbishop Desmond Tutu. AOP

Accusations and a mass exodus

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan left their lives as full-time working royals in January 2020 and moved to North America. Even before this, there had been rumors in the media about Meghan’s behavior inside the court, when numerous of her subordinates resigned. At least Jason Knauf, who was responsible for Harry and Meghan’s communication issues, filed an official complaint regarding Meghan’s behavior in October 2018.

Samantha Cohen (pictured behind Meghan) also worked for Queen Elizabeth in her career. AOP

The actual bullying allegations came to light in 2021 just before Harry and Meghan’s interview Oprah’s with appeared. At least ten people who worked for Meghan at court accused the duchess of bullying. Meghan herself denied the bullying allegations and demanded to see evidence of possible bullying, according to the claims.

The Court of Appeal organized an investigation into the bullying allegations, which was completed in 2022. The outcome of the investigation was not made public.

Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle got married in May 2018. They currently live in California with their two children.

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