Meghan Markle and Harry: this “race against time” to protect Archie

1 year old, Archie, Meghan’s son Markle and Harry, has not appeared once in public. His parents have been doing everything to put him out of photographic clichés since their move to The Angeles.

Meghan Markle and Harry are not the type to joke when the American paparazzi get too close to their son, Archie. The couple, who have made sure that their child does not appear publicly, want to sue photographers for having taken photos, illegally with a “drone”, of their son in their California home.

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We must act quickly to prevent these clichés from being revealed in the press. “It’s a race against time, as there is a significant risk that these illegally taken photos will be published in the US or UK at any time,” said the royal couple’s attorney, Michael. Kump, in a written statement to the Superior Court of The Angeles.

The Sussex also accuse the photographers of having written misleading captions on these photos ofArchie taken in the garden of the $ 18 million mansion owned by Hollywood producer Tyler Perry in Beverly Hills in order to make it appear that they were taken in a public place. And yet, ” Archie has not appeared in public since the family arrived here, ”Meghan’s lawyer said Markle and Harry, Michael Kump.

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Justice documents confirm that drones and helicopters did enter the area above the couple’s residence in The Angeles. These charges relate to three agencies photo of The Angeles. The paparazzi, called to appear, are accused by the complainants of “intimidation and harassment.” »

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