Fabrizio Corona Opens Up About His Son’s Genetic Illness and Relationship with Nina Moric

Fabrizio Corona Opens Up About His Son’s Genetic Illness and Relationship with Nina Moric

by Federica Bandirali

Fabrizio Corona, photographic agent, confesses to Francesca Fagnani, on «Belve»: visibly shaken, he talks about the «genetic disease» of his son Carlos and the relationship between the boy and his mother, Nina Moric

Fabrizio Corona is among Francesca Fagnani’s guests in the first episode of «Belve», a program that will be back on air on 26 September on Rai 2. The former «king of the paparazzi», who he has recently closed his accounts with the justice system after serving his sentence, he returns to a program and to Rai after more than 10 years.

For the first time, Corona deals with a particularly delicate and painful topic for him, the illness – defined as “genetic” – of his son Carlos, born from his love with Nina Moric. “He’s sick now,” reveals Corona, visibly shaken, in front of the cameras.

“The mother doesn’t exist”

The journalist then asks him how he is dealing with the situation: «I have fought for years and years, at the moment I am in a very bad phase: I have abandoned hope a bit. I have to find the strength to return, but you know that life has given him this and you have to face it, you have to live with it »she replies.

Corona then also talks about his former Croatian partner: «She never sees Carlos» he says. «I can’t blame her or hate her, I know about her that deep inside her in those few moments of clarity she feels bad because she is not a mother; today she is too sick or too out of touch to understand that she has to be a mother. There’s nothing you can do about it anymore, she won’t be there for him anymore.”

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Pressed by the journalist on his presence as a father, Corona replies: «I am there at this moment as a presence, who knows that he is not a person who will be able to manage his life alone. If I am not in his life he will never have any problems of any kind, I have put the right people in the right places.”

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