McLaren F1 fires up MCL37 “Birth of a new car and a new season”[]

McLaren F1 started the engine of the 2023 F1 machine “MCL37” for the first time.

The race bay at the McLaren Technology Center was full of people filled with anticipation. Andrea Stella, Zak Brown and Oscar Piastri, who had just finished their simulator session, were welcomed into the team, but with the roar of the 2023 machine, everyone’s attention was instantly drawn to the sight in front of them. .

Fire-ups are important moments in preseason. In the words of Jonathan Brooks, “the birth of a new car and a new season.” There are expressions of joy, excitement and relief. Never, every year, the switch is not flipped in one shot.

“That’s when the car comes to life,” said F1 Director of Manufacturing, Vehicle Assembly and Hydraulics Jonathan Brooks.

“Depending on where you are in the team, the Fire Up is the culmination of many people’s work over the course of months and even years.”

“It’s a big moment for the whole factory, because so many people have put in a lot of effort. Like I said, this moment is like the birth of a car and everyone is there. I want to be there and hear for the first time the sound of fire breathing.”

“Starting the engine is a long process and you have to spend a lot of time late at night with the whole team. A lot of things are individually checked and signed before it’s on the car. Fire up. is a confirmation that everything is correct and working as it should.”

Jonathan Brooks, who has worked at McLaren for 24 years, has seen McLaren fire up many times and now plays an important role.

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“A good fireup is when everything goes according to plan. Everything is in the right place and in good shape,” explains Jonathan Brooks.

“The building of this car went very smoothly. Last year was a more difficult year for all the teams in the pitlane because of the new regulations and the new complex car, but some of this year’s cars are known. It belongs to

“So far everything is going according to plan and small problems have been solved without becoming big problems.”

According to an Android app, the noise level reached 83 decibels the first time the engine was started. With the engines off, Andrea Stella and Zak Brown faced each other to congratulate the team and bang fists.

Oscar Piastri, who was having a conversation with the team, got the cue for a shooting session. The team returns to the car and Jonathan returns to his desk. We still have a lot of work to do before the preseason season.

“Each year we learn a lot and plan for the next year,” says Jonathan Brooke.

“At the end of each season, we review all the notes we took during the first production period and throughout the race season to improve and streamline our processes for the 2024 car production.”

“As soon as we send the car to the first round, the review will start. Until then, it will be a hard-fought program in which new parts will come out one after another and be installed on the car in preparation for the launch.”

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