BSP: Another senseless election, but there may be more, and more…

The caretaker government is obviously starting to do a lot of damage to Bulgaria. BSP MP Hristo Prodanov said this in the studio of Nova TV. According to him, parliamentary democracy is at risk because for 2 years the country has been governed most of the time by caretaker governments.

Prodanov also pointed out that The BSP has done everything possible to broadcast a regular cabinet with the third mandate, which is why she also organized the leadership meeting, to which only GERB, DPS and “Bulgarian Rise” responded.

According to him, parliamentary democracy is at risk and as soon as there is no agreement on a government, we will go to another senseless election. And added that “after that there may be more and more…

What will early elections lead us to?

Until new elections

To a new triple coalition

To more democracy

Presidential republic

Constitutional crisis

According to him, the attempts of the deputies to judicial reform are rather dust in the eyes of the people. “Unfortunately, there will be no judicial reform on the second readingis”, said the MP from the BSP and assured that in BSP have the political will, but things don’t happen that way because of the other parties in parliament. Which are currently competing in accusations. “PP, DB and GERB compete on accusations of who failed the meetings.”

Prodanov also responded to the words of line minister Krum Zarkovthat there are no fighters for judicial reform in the BSP parliamentary group: “We have been there on the spot, but with 24 people’s representatives we can do this and nothing more. We are doing what we can.”

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As a person, “who goes through corpses for power and positions”, determined “Mother Manolovva”, Hristo Prodanov. He is convinced that she will not unify the left in our country. And the BSP does not see a threat from the unification of the new left, he assured and argued that “socialists are honest people and hate betrayal”. It is precisely as traitors that Prodanov clearly perceives the persons who submitted a request for a new left, as he emphasized that most of them left the BSP and became the reason for the disunity of the left. Prodanov emphasized, however, that this happened precisely during the time of Sergey Stanishev, who is one of the strongest critics of Cornelia Ninova at the moment.

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