Mays Hamdan narrates her experience with the Corona virus for the seventh day .. Listen what she said?

Numerous injuries hit a group of artists in Corona during the past days, the last of which was the artist Mays Hamdan, who confirmed that she was one of those who had been infected with the Coronavirus during the last period, as she confirmed that the symptoms that she had had were completely different from what she used to hear from those who were infected with Covid 19, which prompted her to make a smear result, the result of which appeared Positive.

She also revealed that she recently informed all those around her and whoever she had contact with, stressing at the same time that the symptoms she experienced were intermittent and fluctuating, as she began on the first day feeling chronic headache and pain in the back and joints, for a period of three days, and then fever. Symptoms are over, except for back pain.

The artist Mays Hamdan called on everyone from everyone to be careful during the coming period, especially since the experience is not easy, and she also confirmed that she is waiting for the result of a swab tomorrow that she hopes to be negative to end her journey with Corona, especially since the last swab she conducted was 4 days ago and its result was positive.

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