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Maximilian Krah, who employed a Chinese spy, remains the European party leader for AfD


Maximilian Krah has been asked not to appear at the event that kicks off the Alternative for Germany’s European election campaign on Saturday. The party leader employed a Chinese spy.

In a frugal press release, the far-right Alternative for Germany party announced on Wednesday morning that its party leader Maximilian Krah will not participate in the important kick-off of the campaign for the European elections on Saturday: “In order not to burden the electoral battle and the reputation of the party,” it said. . The Chinese employee of the European Parliament member has been in custody since Tuesday on suspicion of serious espionage for China.

Krah was summoned to party headquarters on Wednesday morning and afterwards it was announced that he will remain in the shadows for the time being. The 47-year-old politician has regularly lobbied for China in recent years. According to German media, his Chinese employee had set up a Sino-German network through which politicians could make better contacts with Beijing. Krah believes that economic cooperation should not be hampered by concerns about the human rights situation in China.

Krah, like the number two on the AfD list, has also occasionally performed for the Russian propaganda channel Voice of Europe. The Belgian court is investigating whether they were paid for this.

A few hours after his employee was arrested, Krah, who has been banned on Tiktok for not following the rules, posted a video on

So, without any counter notification, AfD sends two politicians to the European Parliament in June who maintain good contacts with regimes that are bent on undermining European values ​​and institutions.

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