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Mawell joins aid campaign for young orphaned and sick Cuban – 2024-02-24 13:56:40

Cuban reggaeton artist Mawell called on his followers to support Dayan Sotolongo, a young orphan from Pinar del Río who suffers from lymphedema in both legs.

The condition is caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system, which causes a buildup of lymphatic fluid in the fatty tissues just under the skin. This accumulation generates inflammation and discomfort, the greater the swelling, the more painful the case.

The young man’s case became known after he turned to social networks to ask for help, since he does not have assistance from the government and the health system does not have the resources to care for him.

Upon learning of your case, the interpreter La Triple M He shared an emotional video on his Instagram account, in which he promises that upon his return from his tour in Europe he will personally visit Dayan, to give him a donation of $300, contributing to the fundraising campaign that the young man himself started.

“I am now in Madrid on my way to Cuba and as soon as I arrive I will make my contribution. Maybe as an artist it’s not much, but I’m going to bring you $300 so that the account you’re getting continues to grow. Share this, please,” said Mawell.

The reggaeton artist also urged his followers to join forces and contribute with any amount they can, all to help Dayan overcome his illness.

The truth is that the young man’s difficulty is in obtaining the necessary medications and treatments for his illness. After being hospitalized in Pinar del Río and awaiting a possible transfer to Havana, the young man denounced the unhygienic conditions of the hospital to independent media, evidencing the urgency of adequate medical intervention.

It has not been possible to make a diagnosis and effective treatment on the Island, so the young man has requested a humanitarian visa to be able to receive medical care in the United States or Spain, countries that have already shown willingness to evaluate his case.

Sotolongo has struggled with this condition since he was 12 years old, and sees hope in the humanitarian visa to alleviate his condition and improve his quality of life.

Therefore, with its gesture of solidarity, Mawell seeks not only to provide financial support, but also to increase the visibility of this problem, encouraging others to contribute.

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