Matthew Crawford is dead: organ failure! Fattest Englishman dies aged 37

Matthew Crawford was long considered the fattest man in England. He has now passed away at the age of 37. Friends confirm that he died of organ failure and blood poisoning.

Matthew Crawford rose to fame in 2018. With a weight of 349 kilograms, he was voted “the fattest Englishman” because of a hospital scandal. Four years later he made the headlines again. He died aged just 37, reports “The Sun“.

Matthew Crawford is dead: “Biggest Englishman” died of organ failure at the age of 37

According to his close friends, he died of organ failure and blood poisoning after being taken back to the hospital. His friend Lee Howe wrote after the 37-year-old’s death: “Rest in peace Matthew Crawford aka Fatkid. Rest in peace with your father, mate.”

Matthew Crawford shocked with hospital scandal and attack on nurses

In 2018, Matthew Crawford shocked the British taxpayer by ordering expensive food into the hospital and occupying four hospital beds. The cost of the courts amounted to £25,000. After he was released in 2019, he spoke to “Lincolnshire Live” about the allegations. “If you all knew the truth, you would think differently. I haven’t eaten a snack in months, and even before that I was eating one every few weeks.”

In 2018 he made headlines again. Matthew Crawford attacked four nurses at a nursing home near Newark, Notts. Matthew Crawford was charged with assault. However, since he could not fit in an ambulance, he could not appear at the court hearing.

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