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Massive Thatched Roof Fire Engulfs Historic 1890 House in Putten: Latest Update 6 Hours Ago

Last update: 6 hours ago

PUTTEN – A fire broke out on Saturday evening in a monumental house from 1890 on the Broekermolenweg in Putten. The fire released a lot of smoke.

The fire brigade was alerted around 6.45 pm after the fire was discovered by residents. They managed to get themselves to safety in time. They did lose two dogs for a while, but they were later brought to safety.

The fire brigade rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, part of the thatched roof of the house was already completely on fire. The flames rose meters from the roof. Other buildings on the site are kept wet so that the flames do not spread to those places.

Assistance from Kootwijkerbroek

The firefighters received help from various fire brigades in the area. The thatched roof firefighting team from Kootwijkerbroek also arrived on site.

What is a Reed Team?

Did you know that in most safety regions in the Netherlands the fire brigade has a special reed team? These firefighters are specifically trained to fight thatch fires. When reeds catch fire, this requires a special approach and special extinguishing equipment to prevent further damage.

The members of the reed team have special reed chairs that they can attach to the roof behind a steel cable. The first thing they do is knock out the roof ridges. They then make a slit in the reeds close to the seat of the fire. They insert special lances with holes in the roof that allow them to get the water to the right places thanks to the high spray pressure. There is no point in extinguishing the thatched roof because it is waterproof.

The entire house is on fire and can be considered lost. No persons are involved in the fire. The fire brigade is committed to preserving the adjacent barns. The extinguishing process may take some time. 112 Putten You can read more articles about the deployment of emergency services in the event of a fire in Putten in our category 112 News Putten. You can follow all 112 alarms from Putten live via 112 reports Putten.

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