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Massive Demonstrations Against Right-Wing Extremism Expected in Bavaria

In Bavaria, tens of thousands of people want to take to the streets in demonstrations against right-wing extremism in the coming days. The largest gathering is likely to take place on Sunday in Munich. According to the state capital, up to 20,000 participants are expected at the event under the motto “Together against the right – for democracy and diversity”.

In Nuremberg, the Alliance to Stop Nazis has organized a rally for Saturday: “Now! Not an inch for the fascists!” called. According to the city, at least 1,000 people are expected. There are expected to be further rallies with several hundred participants in Regensburg, Bayreuth, Erlangen and Würzburg.

Thousands of people have been demonstrating against the right-wing in many cities for days. were the reason Reports from the media company Correctiv about a previously unknown meeting between right-wing radicals and politicians from the AfD and CDU in a Potsdam villa in November. The former head of the right-wing extremist Identitarian movement in Austria, Martin Sellner, said he spoke about “remigration”. Right-wing extremists usually mean that a large number of people of foreign origin should leave the country – even under duress.

Some youth organizations from parties have also called for the demonstrations, including Jusos and Green Youth. For CSU state parliamentary group leader Klaus Holetschek, this is no reason to distance himself from the demos. He believes that in the fight against the right, all democratic parties must stand together and “show their colors clearly.” The free voters in the state parliament also “welcome” the demos. Individual FW MPs would “of course” take part, parliamentary group leader Florian Streibl told Bayerischer Rundfunk. With the demands for a mass expulsion of people with a migration background, “a red line has been crossed.” The Young Free Voters are also taking part, for example in a demo on Tuesday in Freising.

Free Voters leader Hubert Aiwanger, on the other hand, uses the demos as an opportunity to move the youth organizations of the SPD and Greens into the left-wing extremist camp. On the “X” platform he wrote on Friday: “You don’t fight one extreme with the other extreme but with middle-ground politics!” His article is linked to a Wikipedia article on the youth organization of the Left, which also calls for demos and which the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution considers to be left-wing extremist – unlike the Jusos and Young Greens, who do not appear in the Federal and Free State Office for the Protection of the Constitution reports. Nevertheless, Aiwanger writes on “X” that all three youth organizations “are included in reports by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.” He takes as an opportunity a demand from Left Youth, Green Youth and Jusos to abolish the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in its current form.

SPD parliamentary group leader Florian von Brunn reacts with horror to the SZ’s inquiry. “Aiwanger is ingratiating himself with the AfD and spreading fake news again,” says Brunn. “The demonstrations are supported by a broad democratic majority. I don’t understand why the Free Voters let him get away with something like that. This man is no longer acceptable.” Green parliamentary group leader Katharina Schulze also thinks: “That is not worthy of a deputy prime minister.” She expects “all Democrats to stand together here.”

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