“Marvel’s Dark X-Men Make Their Official Return This Summer”

The Dark X-Men Officially Return This Summer. Marvel has presented the new line of comics that will star this group of heroes who must recover from a great defeat.

Marvel has shared the cover of the first issue of Stephen Segovia’s Dark X-Men, which will hit stores next August, and which you can see below. In it we can see new group of heroes and all its members, which will be led by Madelyne Pryor.

Image: Marvel

The first issue of this new line of Dark X-Men is written by Steve Fox and drawn by Jonas Scharfand will put the team together again, which is officially made up of the aforementioned Madelyne Pryor, Havok, Archangel, Gambit, Azazel, Zero, Albert, and Empath.

“Retaking Madelyne Pryor’s journey is a wild and terrifying honor,” Steve Foxe declares, as reported from Comicbook. “Maddie comes to Dark X-Men with a sense of autonomy she has rarely had in her life.but it does during the Fall of X. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that things aren’t happy for anyone in mutant orbit right now, and that includes the tempestuous redheads who have placed a gigantic demon castle right next door. of Central Park.”

“I look forward to readers finding out how this unlikely cast has come together under one roof – those who stand by Maddie’s side by choice, those who are stuck in Limbo by circumstances beyond their control, and those who don’t make it out alive.” from the first issue – and to seeing Jonas Scharf unleash a whole new brand of gothic horror action on the Marvel Universe.”

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The first issue of Dark X-Men has been announced for the upcoming August 16th.

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