“Cold Snap Hits Lyon Real Estate: Apartment Prices See Limited Growth and Decline in 2021”

Cold snap on Lyon real estate. According to a study published by Meilleurs Agents, the leader in online real estate valuation, apartment prices in Lyon have increased by only +3% over the last three years, while they have risen by +13.3% on average in the 10 most populated cities in France. A trend accentuated this last year since Lyon saw its prices fall by -3.1% while the average price increased by +1.3% for these same 10 large cities. Worse, since the beginning of the year, the capital of Gaul has recorded a decline in its prices per m² of -3.6% against -0.9% on average for the 10 largest French cities. Meilleurs Agents explains this decline by “the drop in the number of potential candidates for purchase, due to the rise in interest rates and the tightening of credit conditions”. It currently takes 58 days on average to sell a property in the city compared to only nearly 48 days in May 2022.

2023-05-30 13:07:28
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