Martin Ødegaard, La Liga | Ødegaard with jersey number 21 in Real Madrid

The Norwegian will play with the same number he had in Real Sociedad, if we are to believe La Liga’s official website.

The jersey number is in that case not unknown for Ødegaard, who also wore number 21 during the time in Real Sociedad.

While in Heerenveen, Ødegaard wore number 17, while he had jersey number 18 when he was in Vitesse.

The 21-year-old is now back in the Spanish capital before next season, and should have already impressed the Real Madrid stars after his arrival.

The Norwegian had to report for the international matches against Northern Ireland and Austria, and is also out of action for Real Madrid’s season opener due to illness.

The national team star has for a long time struggled with the knee injury “jumpers knee”, but should still be relevant for games when he shakes off the disease problem.

According to AS, the 21-year-old has done everything he can to make the most of the chance he has been given by Real Madrid and Zidane this season.

Before the A-team gathered, Ødegaard must have voluntarily started the run-up a few weeks earlier at a “high performance training center”, so that the physique would be optimized before the run-up started.

– What has really stood out for Ødegaard’s teammates is the physical form he is in, AS has previously written.

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