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Marseille Ranked as Most Dangerous City in Europe – Numbeo Report

Problems with drug trafficking and gang wars in Marseille have worsened over the past year.

The port city of Marseille in southern France was ranked number one among Europe’s most dangerous cities in Numbeo’s semi-annual report. Marseille’s crime index is 65.2, which is considered high, writes Travelbook.

In particular, problems associated with drug use and trafficking are considered serious, as are fears of vandalism and theft, violent crime, corruption and bribery. Many respondents also said that they did not want to walk alone in Marseille at night. And even the feeling of safety when walking around the city during the day was rated only as “moderate.”

The Numbeo survey results are consistent with a report by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that problems with drug trafficking and gang wars in Marseille have worsened over the past year. In 2023 alone, 49 people died in drug-related incidents in France’s second-largest city, a significant increase on previous years. 118 people were also injured, including 18 minors. In 2022 there were 32 deaths and 33 injuries.

According to Numbeo, the second most dangerous city in Europe after Marseille is Coventry in England. The industrial city, a good 150 kilometers north-west of London, has a crime index of 65.2, only slightly lower than Marseille. Here again, survey participants rated highly the problems associated with drug use and drug trafficking, as well as fears of vandalism, theft and violent crime.

Third place In Numbeo’s semi-annual report on dangerous cities in Europe, the English city of Birmingham ranks. Drug crimes, vandalism, theft and violent crimes such as armed robbery are some of the biggest problems here.

Rating of the 10 most dangerous cities in Europe

1. Marseille, France.

2. Coventry, England.

3. Birmingham, England.

4. Naples, Italy.

5. Montpellier, France.

6. Catania, Italy.

7. Grenoble, France.

8. Liege, Belgium.

9. Paris, France.

10. Malmo, Sweden.

“I visited Marseille in 2021 and fell in love with the French port city partly because of the beautiful Calanques National Park, which is right next door. However, I also have to admit that I noticed a lot of homeless people in Marseille and some areas seem really unsafe. One day In the evening, for example, I walked with a friend from the Longchamp Palace to a restaurant in the Arenc district, which at first seemed like a good idea, but it turned out to be the opposite.We walked through dirty alleys with shabby backyards, past numerous mysterious figures and several prostitutes, including clients. I was “I’m very glad that I wasn’t here alone as a woman. However, during our stay in Marseille, this remained the case. A relaxing holiday is absolutely possible: you just need to know which places to avoid,” said Larisa Koenigs, Editorial Director of TRAVELBOOK.

Numbeo, a global user-powered database, recently published the half-year results of its current crime index for all European cities. To do this, people are constantly asked about their personal sense of security.

Numbeo asked about concerns about robberies and burglaries, as well as drug problems in the city concerned. They were also asked if they were afraid of being physically attacked because of their skin color, ethnicity, gender or religion. According to the company’s own data, the rating included only those cities that had a sufficient number of survey participants.

In a global ranking, the index showed that Caracas is the most dangerous city in the world. The estimated crime index in the Venezuelan capital is 82, higher than anywhere else.

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