Marko points to new Honda engineers as a possible cause of engine problems Red Bull

Helmut Marko thinks new hires at Honda may be behind the recent engine problems Max Verstappen. The Japanese supplier has recently hired a number of new engineers.

The 2021 season should have been ‘then finally’ the season of Verstappen in advance. Red Bull Racing came out well during the test days in Barcelona and even spoke of ‘the best winter ever’ in terms of development and preparation. In addition, engine supplier Honda also said it had taken a number of major steps in terms of power. However, the goal of making a serious shot at the championship in the form of Verstappen seems to have gone up in smoke after nine laps.

Not alone is Mercedes again the dominant stable, Verstappen has also dropped out three times with problems with his power source, of which twice in the past two weeks. The hole with Lewis Hamilton is now 80 points. Where exactly the technical defects come from, Honda does not yet know. A number of analysts suspect that Honda has shifted its focus to creating more power, which has reduced reliability.

Red Bull Racing CEO Helmut Marko, however, is looking for the answers from a different angle: “Honda has made progress, but in terms of electrical energy, Mercedes is still the strongest,” he told the German. Sport1. “We have to work on that. Honda has replaced a number of engineers, possibly that caused the sudden problems.”


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