Mario game sold for record $ 660,000 | NOW

A copy of the game Super Mario Bros. for the NES, a record amount of 660,000 dollars (more than 561,000 euros) was sold at an auction on Friday. Never before has a game been sold for so much money, reports CNET.

The game was sold on Friday at the American Heritage Auctions auction house. That day, several classic video games went under the hammer, but Super Mario Bros. brought in the most money by far.

A buyer bought the game for a whopping $ 660,000. It was an unopened copy of the game Super Mario Bros., released in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It would be the fourth version of the game ever made.

It is the most expensive game ever, reports Heritage Auctions. The previous record was also in the name of a Mario game: in November, a Super Mario Bros 3.copy auctioned for 156,000 dollars (nearly 133,000 euros).



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